May 23, 2010

Anonymous asked:   

“So i saw your reply about Friends with Benefits. I kind of have one right now but I never thought of it that way…that it could be a negative thing. I’m pretty certain that he’s not really hooking up with anyone else either, but then we both agreed that we’d be free to date other people if we wish. I’ve so far kept my word but I still flirt around. However, I can’t see myself ever hooking up with anyone else besides him. He dates around as well, but as far as a physical means go, I’m pretty positive he hasn’t done anything with anyone else. Honestly. I really do think that. But then again, I could be totally wrong.

What should I do? I’m too embarrassed to ask. He asked me, “Hey you aren’t really hooking up with anyone else, are you?” And I told him no. Should I ask him the same thing as well? I kind of don’t want to find out, because I know I’ll end up getting hurt or just really really jealous.

Thanks for listening, Mother Coug.”

Dear Anon,

You obviously want more than a casual hook up situation with him otherwise you wouldn’t care at all. In which case, I would just come clean. You can’t continue to harbour these anxieties and STILL see him. You’ll undoubtedly set yourself for one fucking massive fall.

Speak to the dude and put your cards on the table. What’s the worse that can happen?


Mother Cougar