May 23, 2010

 Anonymous asked:   

“Hey Cougar Ma, I’ve got a little problem for you. Even though I’m highly sexual and have sexual experience, I stupidly chose to keep my virginity for “The One”. Now I’m realising, not only from my own experiences but other’s too, “The One” only leads to two, three, four and so on at my age (I’m 20) and I could wait years for this perfect guy - hell, he might not even turn up, he’ll probably be at home watching porn, scratching and eating a big ass pizza. Anyway, I’ve met a pretty cool guy, we’re going on our first date after meeting, all going well, when do you think it’s appropriate to tell him I’m a virgin? I mean, I don’t intend to drop my panties on the first date but when and how do I drop it in?! With most of my exes it’s been easy, they’ve been eager in discussion about sex but this guy seems to be more reserved”

Dear Anon,

Could he maybe be a virgin? 99% of men are certainly not reserved when it comes to getting their cock out if you get me… If he is just being polite, he could be a good egg? And no, don’t go dropping your panties right there in front of him out of the blue. You may freak the poor bastard out. At the same time, don’t leave it too late.

Women can make the first move too!

Good luck!
Love, Mother Cougar