May 23, 2010

Anonymous asked:   

“Well i have this dilemma. may 8th will be mine and my boyfriends anniversary and well recently we got into a big fight and broke up.for a while i’ve been feeling like his doormat, he comes over only when we can or when he wants to.we rarely go out even though he knows i dont like sitting at home all the time. but he gets mad when u go out without him or do something without him knowing. he is a total mammas boy and there have been times were his parents say stuff toward me and he doesnt stand up for me.he is a total pretty boy and so into himself.he can be condiscending and belittle people. im am confused becasue i love him but i feel like he isnt treating me the way he should.what should i do?”

Dear Anon,

This boy of yours sounds like a massive dick head douche bag. You have described him to be the shit on the edge of the bog or something.

I’d say get rid of him. He sounds like bad news and he is bringing you down.

Don’t think twice about it and certainly don’t piss on him if he’s on fire.


Mother Cougar