May 23, 2010

Anonymous asked:   

“Hello, My ex boyfriend and I had been going out off and on (a total of three times) for a little over a year. He’s 16 and I’m 19, pretty much exactly 3 years apart. He was a freshman (didn’t look it, of course) and I was a senior when we started dating. When he broke up with me the first time, we managed to stay very good friends, but we both still liked each other, which led to us getting back together and then again one last time. However, this last time, he pretty much has decided to kick me out of his life. I wish that I hadn’t gotten back with him, because now he hasn’t even spoken to me in over two months. Will he ever be my friend again?”

Dear Anon,

He sounds like a child. Why are you worrying about this and him? With all due respect, you are still quite young and I can make a pretty sure bet that you won’t know this dude nor will you care about him in the years ahead.

Don’t ask “Will he ever be my friend again?” ask: “Do I give two shits if he’s my friend again?”

Take Care,

Mother Cougar