April 27, 2010

Michelle-carol asked:   

“Dear Mother Cougar,

 I wrote a few weeks ago ‘cause I broke up with my boyfriend and he’s a little insistent. A couple of days ago, a friend told me that I actually had a problem: that I kind of deceit men with my eyes,’cause there’re mysterious. The I just go cold with them.

Do you think that comment it’s just envy?

Thanks for being there (you’re my only follower)”


Dear Michelle-Carol,

Your friend is an idiot. Sorry to say but it sounds like she needs her mouth stitched the hell up. Firstly, friends are supposed to support YOU, not a race of douches. Secondly, you don’t have deceit in your eyes, you have pupils.

Tell your friend to stop chatting rubbish in your direction and continue being yourself.

Take care honey.


Mother Cougar

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