April 27, 2010

Anonymous asked:

“Hello Mother Cougar,

I did what my friends describe as an ‘uh-oh’ last night, I slept with a guy who i’ve discovered is mates with my ex (not sure how close since I never met him while I was dating my ex) . Not sure if this will go on longer than one night but should I tell him his mate is my ex or just keep it quiet?

Love from ‘Uh oh’ “

Dear Anon,

Ah don’t worry about it. Men make friends a lot easier than women do generally speaking.  He probably doesn’t know this dude THAT well and if he does, fuck him. He’s your ex. Although, really, do you want to be shagging some guy who is mates with your ex? Bit UH OH indeed-o.

I keep saying this and believe me it is true: THERE ARE SO MANY DICKS OUT THERE!

Ditch this one and find another!


Mother Cougar